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Georgie C.

Graduate Recruitment Specialist

Being the project lead on a roadshow around the UK with Channel 4

Kieran S.

Lawyer (Corporate)

I started in Zoology and ended up as a Lawyer

Laura D.

Professional Support Lawyer

Studying Physics and Philosophy to advising on financial regulation

Kishan P.


Third seat trainee in Real Estate Litigation

Yasmina K.

Graduate Recruitment Specialist

Helping organisations to recruit the best and most diverse applicants

Anna P.


LLB to CC Associate (via full-time Rowing, BPTC and Antiques dealing!)

Suzanne D.


An associate in CC's Energy & Infrastructure (E&I) team

Aishling M.

Graduate Recruitment Specialist

I re-designed a selection process into a Global Markets business

Toby H.

Graduate Recruitment Specialist

This role combines my love for both Higher Education and Law.

Callum M.

Trainee (Tax)

Have confidence that you have what it takes.

Dolly H.

Associate (Project Finance)

I am an associate in the Project Finance department in London

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance is one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms. With a global reach and thousands of lawyers working from dozens of offices around the world, we offer expert advice to clients on all aspects of commercial law.

We work with multinationals, governments and regulatory bodies across five continents. Many of our deals are newsworthy. Often they demand the kind of knowledge that only international, cross-practice teams can provide.

Our reputation in the field is formidable. In 2016, we were named number one law firm in the Chambers Global Top 30 for the third year running – one of numerous awards we’ve won over the years. That's why, organisations turn to us not just for legal expertise but for advice on their most critical business issues.

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